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San Diego, CA


We started our journey back in 2010 after the loss of our eight-year-old lab, Wellington. Often as women we are always better caretakers to others than ourselves. This has always been a struggle of mine ... therefore it makes complete sense that I would find raw food after discovering it to bring healing to another.

Raw food gave Wellington an extra month of vibrancy with the new glimmer on his black shiny coat, beautiful brightness to his eyes, and a few final bursts of puppy-like energy. For us, Raw Food provides the memory of Welly (prolonged health for our other animals) and a gift to share with family, friends, and their respected furry family members.

For me, Raw Food preparation "cooking" provides a creative outlet in the kitchen I never knew existed ... my chopping meditation and delicious meals that often come together from just opening up the possibilities within the contents of the fridge. On a deeper level, Raw Foods allow for inner calm which has helped me with a history of IBD. I find repose in my kitchen and so much joy sharing with others. Thanks for coming along for the journey ... 

Our Story

These have been collected over time ... 

  • Multiple Cutting Boards
  • Plenty of Sharp Knives
  • Sprouting Jars
  • Quick-Dry Drying Pads
  • Vitamix Wet Blend
  • Vitamix Dry Blend
  • Cuisinart Food Processor
  • Sedona Dehydrator
  • Hurom Juicer


-- Barry Level, Acme Enterprises
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-- Sophia Phobia, Main Street Realty